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...Managing Green Waste
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Mobile Shredding

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Waste shredding services - Green waste, Wood waste, Rockwool


Shredding Services


Olus undertake a mobile shredding service for the maceration / reduction / pulverisation of green waste, wood waste and rock wool.  Our skilled and experienced staff can meet all your shredding needs with a professional, efficient operation. Phone our sales team for a full quotation and valuation of your needs.


Green waste shredding


Green waste can be shredded on site and screened to either 10mm or 30mm to make your own compost, Olus carry out contract shredding for the horticultural sector as well as large landscape contractors.


Wood Waste


Olus currently shred around 15,000 tonnes of wood waste, supplying feedstock for powers stations, board manufactures and the Equine industry.

Whatever your shredding or screening needs, Olus can provide a solution with their mobile shredding and screening equiptment. 


Rockwool shredding


Olus also undertake the shredding of Rockwool.  Working in conjunction with a Danish company over the past 10 years, Olus shred and screen Rockwool slabs which are used extensively by salad crop growers.  This produces a product that acts as a sand substitute in the production of house bricks.