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An Autumn wood in Sussex to a cosy log fire

An Autumn wood in Sussex to a cosy log fire

Posted Oct 8, 2012 by: Phil Lane


What a Difference a Day Makes


Autumn is upon us and the leaves are changing fast, the full range of colours and shades are just around the corner. For many years I had been promising myself that I would visit Sheffield Park in the autumn, but like many of us with work , family and poor timing the Autumn Vista remained elusive.
autumn leaves in a wood
Last year how ever the timing was perfect, we got it right in October. To say we were taken back would be an understatement, the range of colours and the different depths and shades are truely magnificent. The autumn smells in the woodlands, the views around the lakes and down the adjacent pathways are amazing. The best time is in October, I fully recommend it to all who can visit at this time to do so. We are very fortunate to have Sheffield  Park so close by, and to have our seasons reflected in this way.
Tuesday evening I went to visit a good friend to return an item I had borrowed, it was cold and dark at 6.30 and I would rather have stayed in doors. Having been invited in I entered the lounge, and was greeted by the warmth and glow from their log fire.
After expressing my surprise, pleasure and delight, they stated that the temperature had dropped noticeably, it had been raining and windy, so they lit it at about 4.30.  When I got home I was asked where I had been, after explaining it was expressed that next time we would both go as who does not like a real fire!
     grade 1 logs and kindling     
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