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Bad weather need new Fence Panels?

Bad weather need new Fence Panels?

Posted Feb 7, 2014 by: Heritage Products

Rain, Rain go away come again another day!


Well I for one am more than happy to jump in puddles or get muddy while walking the dog every so often, but all this wind and rain I can safely say is becoming very tiresome. 


We all need some overdue sunshine to clear up all this rain!


As the wind has been howling around your home, have you had any fence panels broken and blown down? If so, when you are looking to replace them why not opt for handmade, locally sourced fence panels?


At the Wood Yard we have Larch Lap Panels which are handmade by Terry in his yard in Sussex. Terry admits himself he can be very fussy as to the wood he uses, so you can rest assured only the best will be used for the panels. His panels have all been specially treated so will last longer than those from a DIY Store.





Made from locally sourced Larch or Douglas fir these are a great alternative to the DIY supplied ones. 


Available in a variety of different sizes we have one to fit all requirements:


6ft wide x 3ft high = £31.86

6ft wide x 4ft high = £32.25

6ft wide x 5ft high = £32.63

6ft wide x 6ft high = £33.00


Not the size you require? Give us a ring with your measurements and we'll give you a quote. Please beware these are made to order items. 





Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to call our Sales Team

on 01273 492752.


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