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Being Creative with Nature this Winter!

Being Creative with Nature this Winter!

Posted Nov 7, 2013 by: Heritage Products


With the changing seasons now is a great time of year to be out for your final tidy in the garden with the children or even taking the dog out for a stroll in the woods.


While you’re out if you take a look around you will be amazed at all the different colours on the trees, acorns on the ground, fir cones and conkers (if the squirrels have left you some). You could always make a challenge for the children and yourself to find as many different species, shapes, sizes and colours of leaves scattered on the ground as possible. 




A great way of doing this is keeping each different leaf and sticking it into a scrapbook or if your family is feeling creative you could make a collage using each leaf you have found.


You could paint them or even draw around them making a stencil these could be used towards Homemade Christmas Card. 


If you're lucky enough to find fir cones you could turn them into Christmas Tree decorations by putting some glue on them, roll them in glitter and they will bring a bit of glitz to your Christmas Tree. A great way to spend a rainy, gloomy afternoon, especially in front of a roaring open fire with Logs crackling.


Any leaves that are deemed not to be worthy for going into the scrapbook or collage can be put into your Green Waste bin ready to start the composting process.


This simple process involves:


Plant Waste + Moisture + Warmth + Air + Micro Organisms + Time = COMPOST


You can purchase your Bulk Bag of Compost made with your Green Waste using our online shop.


So when you next going for a stroll and the children are jumping in muddy puddles get them to look around and see what they can create out of nature.









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