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Counting down to Spring!

Counting down to Spring!

Posted Jan 22, 2014 by: Heritage Products

Well soon the fun begins...


With the winter season still in full swing, Logs still highly in demand; slowly we will start to focus on spring and providing our gardens with some with love and care especially after all this horrible weather.


We supply a variety of different products to help keep your garden flowering and looking beautiful!




These include our Soil Association approved Compost, Top Soil, Woodland Mulch, Bark, Woodchip. These are available loose or in a Bulk Bag, we can deliver direct to your home or you may be able to collect (please contact us for details).   


If you require a smaller amount of compost these are available in 40litre Bags which are great if you are restricted by space.


Our sister company Olus Environmentals processes all the Green Waste from your local Household Waste Recycling Sites and also the Local Authorities green waste which goes into our Compost and Top Soil blend. So you never know you could be re-using your dead Christmas tree after all!   


If you are working on a project or quoting for a job requiring a larger volume please contact our Sales staff who will be able to put together a quote for you.    




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