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Love is in the Air!!!

Love is in the Air!!!

Posted Feb 13, 2014 by: Heritage Products



Were you brave enough to send a card to a person you have a crush on? Perhaps you received a card from an admirer?!


No Cards, No flowers? No problem you can get prepared for next year...


How about growing your own flowers?!


Purchase one of our Bulk Bags of Compost; plant a rose or your favourite flowers sit back and watch them grow ready for next year.


Beats buying the shop brought ones and being ripped off for the privilege. (Plus you may get extra brownie points too!)


So now you’ve got the flowers sorted.


What is the weather up too? Beautifully clear starry night? PERFECT you are going to want to be outside cuddled up, under a blanket or maybe several. Keeping warm in front of a Fire Saucer ,while toasting marshmallows so don’t forget the logs and kindling or you could even light a Log Candle to add to the romantic mood!!


Now for a quirky gift...Again we at Heritage Products we have it covered!




A Bear Chair available in a variety of sizes...It’s different and very unique or perhaps a Bench? Both items that can be reused again and again and will look great in your garden!

These are available at our Wood Yard


Whether it's Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day or someones Birthday.... Check out what is on offer at our Wood Yard! 


Remember we deliver all year round and are available to help you with all your garden products.




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