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Hosepipe ban - Mulch now to reap the benefits later

Hosepipe ban - Mulch now to reap the benefits later

Posted Mar 16, 2012 by: Sarah Hagan

We knew really that it had to happen – dry, mild winter, and now an explosion of media interest in hosepipe bans.  After all it is only March.  If we all treated our gardens with common sense, and a little forethought, not so much water would be wasted on caring and nurturing for the plants in our gardens.

The guidance given by anyone in the know, really is common sense;  water early in the day or in the evening.  This will avoid water simply evaporating if watering in the heat of the day.  However, another fantastic way to retain the water that evaporates from the soil during those warm days is to plan ahead and mulch.  Olus Products offer our 10mm compost, woodland mulch and bark; all of which are ideal for scattering over borders to keep in the precious water.  Any of these products can be scattered in between shrubs and over borders, and with the added bonus of suppressing weeds (sorry we cannot guarantee to get rid of them altogether!).  Each product has a different, distinctive colouring to suit a specific finish required by the keen eyed gardener, and each are in a price range to suit any budget. 
February / March is the ideal time to be mulching, purely before too much new growth fills the borders leaving no room for the mulch, also the soil is still damp so more water is retained.  The depth to mulch to is really dependent on budget, as the deeper the mulch the cooler the ground underneath, and therefore more water is retained.  So the message really is mulch now to reap the benefits once the heat of the summer is upon us. 


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