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Welcome to 2014!!!

Welcome to 2014!!!

Posted Jan 3, 2014 by: Heritage Products

Happy 2014 to you all!


So, were you all well behaved enough to have a visit from Santa?!  


We hope you weren’t affected by the powercuts and flooding caused by the terrible weather, fingers crossed we will see the sun again very soon!


WOW so here we are in 2014 we wonder what that holds in store for us all... I may not know all the answers but I can tell you that we have plenty of Logs, Kindling and Coal in stock.


The guys here have been working really hard even in the adverse weather to ensure that we have enough logs to keep you warm.


Thank you Jacob and Tom!!!




We are back to normal hours here and deliveries will be resuming next week so if you need any logs, Kindling, or other landscape products delivered either place your orders online or call us directly we will deliver to you as soon as possible. 


With the New Year here we are always looking for new items to stock at the Wood Yard for our customers to purchase. 


Recently we had a delivery of beautiful Log Baskets, Long Matches, Long Matches with a Holder and Fire Pokers.  So when your next in the area picking up your logs you may find that Log basket to go with your home too!


We look forward to seeing you soon.

















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