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No Dig? No Sweat.

No Dig? No Sweat.

Posted Mar 19, 2013 by:


As the months race away from us, the pace here is starting to quicken. The orders are coming thick and fast and demand for our premium 10mm compost is fierce.


A new thing that I’ve come across is this No Dig method of preparing vegetable plots, as well as any other garden area. I simply assumed, naively perhaps, that it was always necessary to dig up an area before getting down and dirty with it. Apparently not! Evidently my primary school’s gardening club was set up to simply watch us toil.


 no dig method of growing veg image 


Whilst researching this strangely passive-sounding activity, I chanced upon an extremely thorough and well-written blog by Charles Dowding. Some of you may already know who he is but I was quite amazed at how incredibly extensive it is too with lots of pages on gardening in general with in-depth tips and explanations.
More specifically attractive was the experiment that he did between the Dig method and the No Dig method. Even the blog is all pretty much about No Dig gardening, it was fascinating to have an objective comparison between the two methods. With comparisons in yield and a healthy distribution of pictures and numbers, one can get an incredibly detailed idea of whether it was worth trying.

Apparently one should not be fooled into thinking that it’s less work.

You can find out for yourself at www.charlesdowding.co.uk



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