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To dig or not to dig? - Winter Jobs for your Garden

To dig or not to dig? - Winter Jobs for your Garden

Posted Dec 5, 2011 by:

Just because it is colder outside and the nights have drawn in, do not neglect your garden and remember those jobs to carry on with through the colder months. Digging is the job often left until Spring, but now is the ideal time to be digging vegetable patches and borders, while the soil is free from frost and can then be left to rest over the winter.


How to Dig ? There are many options – single digging, double digging, simple digging or the no dig method. Whatever method you decide on, it is paramount to clear weeds and any fresh growth before you start to dig. Single digging is ideal for soil that needs to have an even texture, and is very useful to incorporate large quantities of organic matter. Double digging is not for the faint hearted, but is ideal when drainage needs to be improved or the soil has not been previously cultivated, as the process involves digging to a double depth. Simple digging is ideal for clearing the surface of the soil by simply inverting each spade-full of soil.

No dig digging – use organic compost

My personal favourite method is the no-dig method which is ideal for vegetable plots which need additional organic matter added to them. Simply spread the plot with a good organic compost like Olus 10mm Compost and leave the worms to do the digging over the winter!


Another good job to carry out over the winter to help prevent weed growth is to mulch borders. You will never be able to stop weed growth completely, but most weeds are easy to clear if spotted early enough and there are ways to make sure they have less space to repeatedly pop up. Weed seeds can survive for several years, lying dormant in soil until just the right conditions arrive for them to grow. They can germinate at lower temperatures and grow and set seed very quickly. If you have problem areas or just want to improve the look of a border, Olus Woodland Mulch and  Bark are both very useful to spread to a depth of 2-3 inches. This can be carried out during the winter to prevent growth and is an ideal way to help retain moisture in the soil.


Your final winter job to remember and with Christmas approaching fast, now is an ideal time to re-stock your garden tool shed, take a look at our online shop for our range of gardening tools to add to your list for Santa.


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