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Top o’ the mornin’

Top o’ the mornin’

Posted Mar 15, 2013 by:


We were almost caught off-guard recently by the heavy demand for our Grade A, Olus Blended, topsoil. However, our wonderful Karen was swiftly on the case and everything worked out beautifully. Sussex was once again grateful to be buried beneath the superior product of Olus.



The country has burdened some rather extraordinary amounts of rain and snow-melt in recent weeks which has adversely affected some areas rather heavily. For some people’s gardens this may, luckily, have simply resulted in some unwanted erosion. This can be easily remedied with some of our rich, 5mm screened, Olus Blended or even our Grade B, Sandy Loam, economy topsoil for general backfilling or turfing which is screened to 10mm.
If there’s an area of your lawn that’s a usual culprit when it comes to becoming waterlogged then we have our special Rootzone Top Dressing topsoil which is specially mixed with sand to help specifically with drainage and screened to 5mm. Perfect for dressing or being laid underneath turf since it is also mixed with compost so that it improves the nutrition of the overlying grass.




Should you be in need of the ‘top shelf’ topsoil, we have available the illustrious Norfolk Black variety. Rich in colour and nutritional content, boasting a close to neutral PH and a BS3882 certificate, it is ideal for all growing needs but we recommend saving it only for flower beds, borders and vegetable plots. Screened to 10mm, it has a light, friable texture allowing it to melt into the soil ready for any future growing.  


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