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Free Compost with your Woodland Mulch or Bark

Free Compost with your Woodland Mulch or Bark

Posted Jul 22, 2013 by: Heritage Products



 What does Woodland Mulch do?


Woodland Mulch suppresses weeds, helps locks in moisture and can be used on boarders. It keeps soils warmer in the winter and cools them in the summer which can lengthen the growing season of plants; it also improves the fertility and health of the soil.


  What is Mulch? 


Woodland Mulch is a mixture of hard and soft woodchip; the woodchip is produced from tree surgeons and forestry workers across the Sussex area so it is all locally produced. It is ideal for mulching borders or creating a natural pathway.  Woodland Mulch can be used under trees, shrubs or large planting areas and can last much longer than other types of  mulch. In addition, Woodland Mulch is considered to be visually appealing, as it comes in various colours.


 When should you use Woodland Mulch?


You usually apply mulch towards the beginning of the growing season, and can be reapplied as necessary. It serves initially to warm the soil helping it retain heat which is lost during the night. This allows early seeding and transplanting of certain crops, and encourages faster growth. As the season progresses, mulch stabilises the soil temperature and moisture, and prevents sunlight from germinating weed seeds.


We also sell Bark. This is a decorative Bark more like a peeling than large chunks and appears very dark in colour. Bark can be used on flower beds and around shrubs for decorative purposes with the added bonus of suppressing weeds and retaining moisture.


 The exciting part:


When you get your Bulk Bag of Woodland Mulch or Bark delivered to your door you will also receive 2 Free 40litre bags of Easi-Grow compost!!!


In order to take part in this great offer simply quote us the reference number: WMBL13 and place your order before the end of August 2013.


Telephone our products sales team on 01273 492752 to place your order.


*This offer applies to deliveries ONLY. 






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