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...Managing Green Waste
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Biomass -

and our state of the art 

facility to recycle wood

and bulky waste

Biomass Recycling Facility


biomass wood fuel recycling facility


Nick Hawthorne, Operations Director, explains more about Biomass and the new facility:
  • So what is Biomass? 
Historically, humans have harnessed biomass derived energy products since the time when people began burning wood to make fire, in this case Biomass means the production of electricity using incinerators – the product we produce fuels those incinerators.
  • What would happen to that waste if not recycled in this way?  
The wood and other waste would end up in a landfill and by avoiding the landfill we can also save companies money. With landfill tax ready to rise beyond £90 per tonne this helps local businesses and the environment.
  recycled waste wood for bio mass fuel  
  • Where does the recycled wood and bulky waste go?
We will are exporting biomass product to Sweden and Scotland and Grade C wood for paper recycling to Belgium.
  • Why does the biomass product not stay locally?
There are only a handful of burners in the UK and there are so many in Germany, France, Sweden etc. that they haven’t got enough wood to supply them, so that is why the UK is exporting wood to them.  We, the UK, do need to catch up though and we hope that to enable us to meet  European targets we will be supplying wood to local companies creating electricity in this way in the future. 
  • Tell us about the state of the art equipment
We use the latest shredding and screening equipment from Austria that has been tried and tested over many years in facilities in Europe so we can produce the same high quality product to the European markets.   All of the wood and other waste is weighed over a weighbridge which helps us keep accurate records of input and output and a mass balance.
      state of the art wood recycling facility      
  • What about the environmental impacts?
Dust and noise are the main environmental impacts, the building is insulated and the machines are fitted with the latest sound proofing, there is also state of the art dust suppression fitted in the building making sure all dust is kept inside and managed - there are fine mist sprays to keep any wood dust fines under control.  Keeping wood out of landfill to create energy is a great form of recycling, taking something that would normally be thrown away and using it for something useful.  A little known fact is that there is more pollution put into the atmosphere on every bonfire night than there is in a lifetime of a biomass incinerator and the product is carbon neutral because the carbon dioxide absorbed whilst the wood is ‘alive’ is the same as is created when the wood is burnt.  
        the waste wood process to produce biomass fuel        
  • What about the future?
Olus are committed to producing quality products from recycled material, always using best practice and exploring new possibilities for recycled products.  More recycling is required nationally for us to reach European targets so as an industry we are growing; with new ideas coming forward all the time.