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Bulk Top Soil Supplies

Topsoil and blended topsoil supplier based in Sussex

Top Dressing and Root Zone

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Top dressings and blended soils are also produced by Heritage Products, Root Zone is a blended product made from our quality topsoil, fine compost and screened sand. This product has undergone a totally natural process, monitored every step of the way to ensure it has been sterilised and is free from weed seeds and pathogens. Physical contaminants are also removed, resulting in a clean stable product which has been produced to a high uniform specification.

Root zone is the perfect product for top dressing on playing fields, race courses, polo pitches and of course lawns and turf in the domestic market place, the compost in it delivers natural plant fertilisers which are slow releasing over three years, therefore reducing the need for artificial fertiliser, it has good water holding in light soils so less irrigation is required, Helps improve soil structure leading to better aeration and is ideal for any turf or lawn.

Top dressings for fine turf areas

Historically, top dressings for fine turf areas were produced on site by the Green keeper using local sands and soils. These complimented the rootzone of the greens’ construction as they were made from the same, or similar, materials. Over the years the game of golf has developed to the extent that courses are now expected to produce fine turf areas that can withstand play 52 weeks of the year. Hence, the vast majority of construction rootzones are now designed and produced by external specialists As top dressings should match a rootzone profile, they too need to be designed and manufactured to the same high specification.Olus can help you achieve this.

Top dressings guidelines

However, where as we have recommendations and guidelines for putting green rootzones from the United States and from the UK there are no similar guidelines for top dressing materials. There have been numerous articles written on the subject of top dressings over the years, about how and when to use them. But do you actually know what goes into a top dressing and the measures taken to get it right? For example, if you requested a 70/30 top dressing, would you actually know what is in the mix? What type of sand would you be adding in at 70%? Which grade of sand would you require medium coarse or medium fine? Furthermore, what kind of organic amendment would you be adding in at 30%? Is it a sandy loam soil with low organic matter content or a sedge peat with high organic matter content? Or compost, or a mixture of all the organic matter materials, All of these considerations are fundamental to the way in which the top dressing (and ultimately the putting green or lawn) will perform. A soil sample of your lawn / putting green is highly recommended, Olus can arrange this for you.

Constituents of a top dressing

Irrespective of the blend ratio, i.e. 70/30, 60/40,which is actually by volume and not by weight, the majority of top dressings produced in the UK would typically consist of:

sand (53 or 63 – 2000 microns)* 90 99%

silt or compost (<53 or <63 microns)* 0.5 – 7.0%

organic matter content ( compost ) 0.5 – 3

Turf is top dressed mainly for leveling, and improving the soil around the root zone – when done in conjunction with aerating age.

 Click here to get your topsoil or dressings delivered directly to your garden or site