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...A Sustainable Future For All
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Doing what we do better,

all of the time!

OLUS - Green waste recycling, compost and topsoil experts


At Olus we appreciate the importance of looking after the environment.

We specialise in supplying sustainable solutions to the waste industry and have been recycling Green Waste into high grade compost since 1994. We are currently recycling over 30,000 tonnes of green waste and 15,000 tonnes of wood waste per annum. This waste is received primarily from West Sussex County Council Household Waste Recycling Sites, in addition to numerous District Council Kerbside collection schemes throughout Sussex and Surrey, collecting material from over 70,000 households. Large horticultural growers, landscape contractors and civil works contractors, also supply material for recycling.

Our ethos


Olus continually endeavour to deliver sustainable solutions to the recycling industry, ensuring quality management standards such as PAS 100 are met, to produce quality recycled products for retail end markets.

We look to earn our customers enthusiasm and loyalty with continuous improvements, integrity and through the hard work of the Olus team.

Olus is purposeful and energetic in its approach to change, always looking to update its systems and embrace new technology’s, always looking to upgrade and streamline to provide better productivity but always ensuring quality and standards are kept to the highest levels and making customer satisfaction a priority. 

Olus Environmental is hugely passionate about doing what we do, very well. And especially passionate about doing what we do better, all the time.