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...Managing Green Waste
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Compost recycling

OLUS compost is organic, peat free and

made from 100% recycled green waste


Olus Composting - PAS100 compost from green recycling

Olus currently recycles and process about 35,000 tonnes of green waste per annum from their licensed facilities, producing quality compost for the Horticultural and Agricultural market sectors. Olus supply over 15 local retail outlets with their bagged 'Easigrow' Organic compost, and can supply all grades of compost in any quantity from several thousand tonnes, to a small 40 litre bag.

You can buy our pas 100 accredited compost in bulk or by the bag from our online store.

This rich nourishing compost meets the Composting Associations PAS 100 quality protocol standards.

It is made from a clean domestic source of green arising’s collected from around Sussex. It is dark in colour and friable, it can be used for soil improvement, tree and shrub planting, mulching, turf and top dressing, it has good water retention, improves workability, has slow release nitrogen, and PH of around 8 depending on feedstock. Olus can provide a full analysis of the compost if requested.

PAS 100

PAS100 Compost is compost produced to standards laid down by the Composting Association's PAS100 accreditation Scheme - the quality management standard was established to ensure that production processes comply with strict standards and rigorous testing procedures. PAS100 compost is produced from street trees, park trees,tree trunks garden trimmings, leaves, shrubs, plants and grass etc., byproducts arising from households, garden maintenance,commercial premises and council parks.


PAS100 compost applications;

Landscaping Planting, Public Parks & Gardens, Agriculture, Land Remediation, Growing Media Production, Turf Management, Gardens & Allotments, Lawns, Borders, Vegetable 'grow your own', Domestic Growing Media


PAS100 compost benefits

Produced to a National Standard, Natural slow release of nutient supply, Improves soil structure, Improved drainage reduces run off, Better plant survival rate and growth, Improved soil fertility, Reduction in soil compaction,  Improves soil water holding capacity, Increases in micro organisms, 100% sustanable


Olus technical documents

To view the technical documents related to this page click on any of the links in the the document section atthe top of the page.