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...A Sustainable Future For All
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Olus Environmental

Greener than purest green

Olus Environmental Ltd - Our Environmental Policy

Olus Environmental Ltd recognises that how it manages its waste and its customers waste, has an impact on the local, regional and global environment.

Management Responsibility

Olus Environmental Ltd Board Of Directors ensure that all of the company’s operations will be conducted in a manner to protect the environment from pollution and that environmental issues are identified and understood throughout all aspects of the company.

Commitment to Continuous Performance & Pollution Prevention

Olus Environmental, as a consequence of our operations, are committed to a programme of continuous improvements in all aspects of environmental performance and the prevention of pollution. environmental performance will be measured and monitored through the setting of environmental targets and objectives.

Commitment to Legislative and Regulatory Compliance

Olus Environmental, as a minimum, will meet all environmental regulations, legislation, laws and codes of practice and will, wherever possible, try to exceed in environmental performance.

Commitment to Internal & External Relations

Olus Environmental recognizes its relationships with employees, the public, contractors, customers and other stakeholders as a key an integral part of its operations. Olus Environmental will communicate this policy to them, report annually on its environmental performance and engage with them to understand their expectations.
To meet our objectives, Olus Environmental will:
  • Implement our policies through a coordinated environmental management system.
  • Implement our policies through guidelines and training programs.
  • Set environmental targets and goals designed to improve our environmental performance.
  • Commit to reducing emissions and contaminants from industrial processes.
  • Conduct an annual self-evaluation of our performance in implementing these principles and in complying with all applicable laws and regulations.