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Commercial Recycling

Quality recycled landscaping

materials supplied in bulk 

Commercial Recycling


Land Restoration

When undertaking land restoration projects, there are substantial cost savings and practical benefits to be gained from using quality compost.
BSI PAS 100 compost derived from garden  waste can act as a key component in the manufacture of replacement topsoil, as well as being applied to improve general soil quality on site. The role that compost can play in the remediation of contaminated land is also being considered through a number of trials.

Highways & Roads

Recycling and the efficient use of materials are increasingly important in the delivery of local authority services.

Why Use Recycled?

Specifying requirements for the use of recycled content in a roads or highways contract helps to meet corporate objectives such as sustainability, procurement good practice, best value and recycling of waste. The use of recycled materials for highways maintenance is often cost neutral, and in many cases can deliver good financial returns.
BSI PAS 100 compost derived from garden waste which can be used in roadside planting schemes, in topsoil manufacture, and can also be incorporated into soils to boost organic matter content and improve structure.
Woodchip and Bark can also be used as a surfacing material or Mulch for pathways, verges or roundabouts.
Heritage Products can supply in any quantity for any purpose.