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 Well fingers and toes crossed the wet and soggy weather has left us.  For how long who knows, but isn't it fabulous to see the sun shining and being able to actually leave the house without the umbrella and wellies. 
 Were you brave enough to send a card to a person you have a crush on? Perhaps you recieved a card from an admirer?!  No Cards, No flowers? No problem you can get prepared for next year.... 
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Busy at work? No time to pop to the Wood Yard? Do not fear our Delivery Driver Dave is here!!....   
Well soon the fun begins....  With the winter season still in full swing, Logs still highly in demand; slowly we will start to focus on Spring and providing our gardens with some love and care especially aftert all this horrible weather. 
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At Heritage Products we are always looking for new items for the Wood Yard for you to purchase. Recently we had a delivery of beautiful Logs Baskets, Long Matches, Long Matches with a Holder and Fire Pokers.
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With the changing seasons now is a great time to be out for the final tidy in the garden with the children or even taking the dog out for a stroll in the woods!
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Two free bags of EasiGrow Compost with every delivered Bulk Bag of Woodland Mulch or Bark from Heritage Products. What is Mulch? Woodland Mulch is a mixture of hard and soft woodchip; the woodchip is produced from the tree surgeons and forestry workers across the sussex area so it is all locally produced. It is ideal for mulching borders or creating a natural pathway.