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 If you haven’t already done so then now’s the time to get planting. The soil has had a healthy dousing from relatively frequent rains and the temperature appears to finally be gradually rising so digging shan’t be a problem.
The garden hibernates quietly. Serenely some might venture. Its disarming inactivity, surprisingly still, will soon be at an end. Out will burst growths that will shock, blooms that will awe, and that need to be continually mowing the lawn.
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For those of you who prepared themselves, you can sit comfortably in the knowledge that spring will eventually arrive. For those who have yet to, the weather has been fortunate to you for you have not had to rush to get the compost and mulch in as soon as the weather turned palatable.
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Considering the damage that the country’s precious lawns have sustained from the brutal assault by the elements, there has been understandable concern as to how to remedy this grievous injury upon our most sacred ground.
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Spring is almost upon us. The first crepuscular rays are beginning to peek through the stereotypically divisive weather as we trudge onwards towards the slightly less grey summer period.
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