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 Rain - great for the plants but not so great for keeping them under control! Mulch and Bark to the rescue....
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Busy at work? No time to pop to the Wood Yard? Do not fear our Delivery Driver Dave is here!!....   
Well soon the fun begins....  With the winter season still in full swing, Logs still highly in demand; slowly we will start to focus on Spring and providing our gardens with some love and care especially aftert all this horrible weather. 
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 We have recycled in the region of 19,000 TONNES!! YES that is right, so far since January we have recycled roughly 19,000 tonnes of Green Waste...
The garden hibernates quietly. Serenely some might venture. Its disarming inactivity, surprisingly still, will soon be at an end. Out will burst growths that will shock, blooms that will awe, and that need to be continually mowing the lawn.
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Considering the damage that the country’s precious lawns have sustained from the brutal assault by the elements, there has been understandable concern as to how to remedy this grievous injury upon our most sacred ground.
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The first frosts of autumn have given us all a renewed welcome to the season in Sussex. This time of year is perfect for planning and carrying out next years projects. Raised beds are in that category due to the space, size required and work involved.
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