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...A Sustainable Future For All
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Railway sleepers | Garden landscaping project supplies

Railway Sleepers

Heritage Products stock a full range of railway sleeper designed to fill all needs, from small domestic garden landscaping to major commercial projects. As specialist in the Railway Sleeper market Heritage Products can help you find the best solution to your project whether that be soil retention, raised beds, bridge building, decking, furniture, edging and many others uses.

Heritage Products stock a variety of hard and soft wood sustainable railway sleeper’s sourced with care to maintain our ethos of ‘creating a sustainable future for all.’

By using our railway sleepers you will be ensuring that you are helping the environment while creating something beautiful for yourself, you family or you client

Which Sleeper to Use? 

There are two main types of railway sleepers available in the market used for landscaping projects, new or recycled, with new being divided between hardwood oak railway sleepers and treated softwood railway sleepers. The choice will be affected partly by the strengths and weaknesses of each product, together with personal preference and budget.

Recycled railway sleepers are very cost effective; many are hardwood, with a pressure creosoted treatment. This means they are extremely durable but not suitable where there is a risk of frequent skin or clothing contact. It is sometimes possible to clad over the face of the structure with fencing products to cover the railway sleepers.

We stock Grade A - Reclaimed Hardwood Railway Sleepers

A Grade A railway sleeper is a used sleeper in very good condition. These hardwood sleepers are creosoted, free from rot and can be used for stacking, building retaining walls and many other uses where a clean straight edged appearance is essential. 

Nominal Size: 8'6"x6"x10"

At Heritage Products we stock a full range of New railway sleepers in hard and soft wood

Made from oak or softwood, new railway sleepers are attractive and their natural untreated state gives off the impression of quality. These railway sleepers are also very durable even when cut up into sections and inserted into the ground. Oak costs more than treated softwood, but normally outlasts the equivalent treated softwood product. A benefit of new railway sleepers produced in softwood are cheaper to option and lighter than oak, making handling easier.

New Hardwood Sleepers

New Railway Sleepers are very popular as they are not creosote treated which means that they are suitable for many more uses in the garden. New Railway Sleepers can be made of Oak or Softwood that has been pressure treated.

New Softwood Sleepers

Ideal for lots of Garden Landscaping projects.

New softwood treated Garden Railway Sleepers, these Sleepers are a light brown coloured (technically referred to as Green) and are similar to recycled sleepers, but without the disadvantage of being dirty or creosoted.
Size: 2.4M x 100 x 200mm