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Logs, kindling, Woodland Mulch and Woodchips

Logs, kindling, Woodland Mulch and Woodchips

Posted May 4, 2011 by:

Logs and Kindling

Olus logs are barn dried, seasoned Sussex logs, from sustainable managed woodland. With rising gas, oil, and electricity prices more and more people are turning to firewood to heat their homes. Using logs from sustainable woodlands has many environmental benefits, it is virtually carbon neutral, wood is a renewable resource and appropriate woodland management benefits the wildlife and enhances the countryside.

Our Grade 1 logs are a mixture of seasoned Ash, Oak, Birch and Hornbeam supplied in a bulk bag (approx 0.7 cubic metre) ideal for burning in open fires, Chimeneas or fire pits.

Our Stove Mix logs are a mixture of both hardwood and softwood logs and are recommended for wood burners only.

Both grades of logs are cut to approximately 9 inches in length and are split down to a mixture of sizes ready to burn, don’t forget to buy your Kindling to get your fires started, the Kindling comes conveniently packed in nets.


Woodchip and Woodland Mulch.

Olus currently process and recycle around 15.000 tonnes of wood per annum , supplying feedstock for power stations, board manufactures and the equine industry, Olus also create woodchips and woodland mulches for the landscaping industry, supplying large landscaping contractors with big bulk orders all the way down to delivering bulk bags to the domestic market at top quality and best prices.

Our Woodland Mulch is a mixture of different timbers, produced from tree surgeons and forestry workers across Sussex. It is a much cheaper option to any Bark mulch that you can buy on the market, and does the same job as most mulches such as Bark, Gravel, Shingle, easigrow 10mm compost or coarser agricultural grade of compost mulch.

It is a mix of different woods and contains a range of chip sizes from 30mm down to fines.  This produces a mixture of subtle tones and shades, ideal for mulching borders or creating a natural pathway.

A weed block fabric membrane laid beneath the mulch will eliminate the possibility of any future organic growth.


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