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Logs, Logs, Logs.... Have you purchased yours yet?!

Logs, Logs, Logs.... Have you purchased yours yet?!

Posted Sep 18, 2013 by: Heritage Products

Sussex Logs


Now that you’ve met the great guys that process our fantastic Sussex Logs here is a bit more information about the logs we produce and how we have a selection to suit your needs.


We hope you are enjoying the summer evenings while they last...Barbeques at the beach or sitting in the garden with a log candle burning relaxing!! Soon the time will come where we will all be cuddled up on our sofas with hot drinks keeping warm in front of the fire inside, or maybe snuggled up outside under stars toasting marshmallows on an open fire!!


Have you thought about where your logs come from? Are they locally sourced? Or even what type of logs you can use for your open fire or log burner? Here at Heritage products we produce a variety of logs throughout the year to accommodate different budgets and lifestyles.


How many do you need?


We sell logs in many different shapes and sizes but how many do you need? We bulk logs into different sized containers so it makes it easier for you regardless of whether you are collecting them or if we're delivering them to you.


Nets: These are great if you only require a small amount and they fit easily into the boot of your car (even if you have a mini). We can deliver a pallet of nets if you need lots!


PYO Crates:  This is a great economical way to buy our logs. Choose the crate that you want, back up the car and fill up the boot. 1 crate holds the equivalent of roughly 14 to 15 Nets.


Bulk Bags: If you're stocking up try a Bulk Bag. We can deliver with our crane lorry or load one onto your trailer. Bulk Bags are nearly a cubic metre in size hold the equivalent of roughly 28 to 30 Nets.


Loose Logs: If you have the room we can deliver a loose load with our tipper van. Up to 3 cubic metres can be delivered, but remember. We only deliver, sorry we don't stack them. If you have your own trailer, we can also load you by the cubic metre as well.


Different types of logs


Nearly all the logs we sell are Seasoned Hardwood Logs. These are ideal for open fires, multi-fuel stoves, wood burning stoves, BBQ's, fire pits, chimnea's and other wood burning appliances. They burn slowly and efficiently providing great warmth and that distinctive aroma only a log fire can provide. Our Stove Mix selection contains a mixture of seasoned softwoods.


9" - 12" Premium Hardwood Logs

These are the standard hardwood logs that we make and available in many formats. These are ideal for your open fire.




6" - 8” Hardwood Logs

Still made from our Premium Hardwood but smaller in size and ideal for smaller fire places and wood burners.


12" - 18" Hardwood Pub Logs

Cut to a longer length, as the name suggests used in many public houses in Sussex.



Hardwood Offcuts

Still made from our Premium Hardwood but these are all the offcuts from our log making processes. All different shapes and sizes in one container.


Hardwood Uglies

You have to feel sorry for the Ugly Log. Made from Premium Hardwood but because they are too twisted and knotted they can't be processed in the normal way. Ideal for larger fireplaces, camp fires, spit roasts or large fire places. Give an Ugly Log a home this Christmas.





9" - 12" Stove Mix



Made from seasoned softwood logs thEses are suitable for woodburners with closed doors





Made from seasoned softwood and cut to 5" long, great for getting your log fires started.


All of our logs are locally sourced and have been personally checked to ensure quality for you, our customers.


Our logs can be delivered to your door or collected from our Wood yard anytime throughout the year. Loose loads can be delivered to you if you live within a 20 kilometre radius*.


If you are unable to find what you are looking for, have any questions or would like to place an order please visit our online shop or contact us directly:        

Telephone : 01273 492752 / 01403 741381 or Email : Sales@Heritage-Products.co.uk


Thank you

The Heritage Team


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