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Mulch and Bark to the Rescue!

Mulch and Bark to the Rescue!

Posted Jul 7, 2016 by:

Mulch around a tree to prevent weeds growing


So the weather went crazy last month and we had sunshine and rain, lots of rain! In fact the south-East saw twice as month rain as normal in June and there still looks like there is more to come in July.....

And as we all know this unsettled weather whilst not good for making outdoor plans, BBQ's, garden parties, days on the beach have all been distrupted by sudden and severe rainfall sometimes only moments after we've dared to put on our shorts and open a beer...

But the weather has been great for the plants in our gardens and whilst this weather has been helping them to grow it's also stopped us getting out and taking control, weeds have flourished, previously well behaved shrubs have spread out of control and we're havin trouble seeing the wood for trees - or somethign like that!

This is where woodland mulch and ornamental bark come to the rescue, once you have had a chance to get out there and do some weeding simply fill the spaces with mulch or bark and it will prevent or at least slow down and re-growth as well as making your garden look tidy again. Perfect if you are off on your holidays or don't have time to spend weeding every day! 

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