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Olus and the community working together.

Olus and the community working together.

Posted Jul 16, 2012 by: Phil Lane


smoke pollutionHere at Olus we take great pride in our business and with due diligence we have surpassed and thereby achieved the BSI PAS100 industry standard for compost from green waste and we are proud of this. In the past most green waste was burnt or went to landfill thus creating air pollution and methane gas both harmful to the environment and contributing to global warming, therefore the composting of green waste is paramount for our future and our children’s future.

The green waste comes to our site in several ways, from council amenity sites, doorstep collections and landscapers, the waste is tipped and the load is monitored to check on any obvious contamination, if levels of contamination are noticed  the load can be sent back and can end up in landfill. The clean green waste is put into the shredder and the operator is checking for foreign objects and contamination. The shredded waste is piled into windrows and they are uplifted, turned and rotated to ensure that the compost has plenty of air through it to help in the composting of the waste. The temperature is monitored and the date of entry is followed through the process. At eight to ten weeks the composting process has completed its full cycle and is fit for purpose the next stage is the screening of the compost where  metal objects are  magnetically taken out, plastic is sucked out and the compost is divided into 3 sizes, All the compost is returned to the land in one form or another.
 Olus recycling green waste site
Our site is fully mechanised and whilst our team hand pick the noticeable contaminants, from the screening process it is very apparent that much more vigilance is required by us all as :- netting, flowerpots, many compost bags, wire ties, plant ties, plant labels, string, nylon string, nylon ties, hand trowel and forks and many more items too numerous to list are sent to us.
PAS 100 standard compost from green waste
Whilst we are always looking for improved machinery, our present screener is one of the best available and its performance is judged to be 90% successful in taking out contamination, thus maybe 10% get returned to the earth? No process can be 100% successful in its screening and we all need to be responsible in that our own waste is
 Thank you all for your recycling skills, we have come a long way, and please continue with your due diligence giving us all a healthier future. 


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